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Create horizontal and vertical news tickers. US$19.95
Amara Flash Menu and Button Maker
Create Scrolling Flash Menus and Flash Buttons with sub menus. US$29.95
Amara Flash Slideshow software
Take your own digital images and music, and turn them into a Flash slideshow in minutes. US$29.95

Amara Flash animation Software
Create Virtual tours and 360 degrees panoramic views of your still pictures. US$49.95

Amara Flash Intro and Banner Builder
Create all the Intros and Banners you have ever dreamed of. US$39.95

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Create Flash intros , Flash banners , and text effects with Flash templates from Anim-FX for your web site - fast and easy. Anim-FX is a very compact Flash tool based on a wide range of Flash templates. The unique thing about Anim-FX Flash intro and banner builder is that the positioning of the text and the number of text lines is flexible.

Customer Sample - Speed Flash Animation on top of the photo of the car.

flash intros
Download the free demo version and check these great animated Flash intros and Flash banners templates yourself. Make sure that you also read carefully through the FAQ section before you try it.


Christmas Balls Animation
Christmas Gift Animation
Christmas Star Animation
Christmas Snow animation

Easter Flash animation
Haloween Animation
Chaos Flash intro and Banner
Football flash intro and Banner
Longflare Flash intro and Banner

Canadian Flag Flash Banners
Technoburst Flash Intro

Lightning Flash Banners

US Stars Flash Intro

St. Patrick's Day

Fireworks Flash intro
Flash intro effect
Doublewave Flash banner
Butterflies Flash intro

Bang Flash intro
Cybertrick Flash intro
Valentine's Day
Technoballs Flash Intro

Festive Flash Intro
World Map Flash intros
Globe Flash Banner
Fire Flash Banner
Boxes Flash banner
Anim-FX in Flash MX
Spooky Flash banner

Don't waste your time and effort trying to create graphics / gif files for animated DHTML or animated Javascript banners or intros, when you know you don't have the skills, time, money or patience for it. Just get this inexpensive tool to do it for you.


flash intros picture

flash banners image

flash intro bullet image Up to 5 lines of animated text effects
flash intro bullet image
Unlimited number of characters
flash intro bullet image 72 great Flash intros for US$27
flash intro bullet image Easy to use and to make changes
flash intro bullet image Sound effects
flash intro bullet image User-friendly interface
flash intro bullet image All upgrades are FREE o
flash intro bullet image 2 FREE updates annually.

For a full list of features, see the Features page.

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Anim-FX Flash Intro and Flash banner builder costs just US$27, which makes it one of the cheapest Flash animations and Flash text effect creators around! Read more

Other Flash Intro and Banner builders

flash intro bullet image Flash animation Software
flash intro bullet image Flash Banner software

Check out this cool Mother's Day animation created with Amara Flash Intro and Banner Builder

Flash Intro and Banner Samples

The Above Flash animations are made entirely with Anim-FX. We show you both animated Flash banners and Flash intros, as well as different sizes of the effects based on the current 54 Flash templates. To see more animations please visit our Flash samples page.




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Looking for a cool Flash preloader?

Flashkicker is an affordable tool (US$14.95) to add a Flash preloader to your Flash animation in seconds.

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