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Flash SWF file Format

Macromedia's Flash player is a plug-in for web browsers which allows Flash animations and other forms of interactivity to be incorporated into web pages.

At least 98% of all internet users have at least the Flash 4 plug-in installed on their system. Since MIX-FX Flash animation software is based on Flash 4 technology I'm confident to say that all (read 100%) internet users can view the animations instantly without the need to download the Flash player plug-in.

Technical details:
Included in the plug-in's capabilities is the ability to read the Flash format for animated vector graphics, as well as the ability to read high-quality streaming audio.





The advantage of the Flash plug-in is that it allows a very immediate form of interactivity, at low bandwidth, without the programming expertise. On top of that, Mix-FX Flash animation software is the most user-friendly Flash application tool available on the Net, and it lets you create the greatest personalized animations with extremely small file sizes.


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