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Coolpage Flash animation Tutorial

Adding a custom Flash animation created with Anim-FX in Cool page HTML editor. By following these simple steps, you will be up and running in no time at all and impressing all of your visitors with your talents!

1. Create an animation in Anim-FX ( For this sample I used the christmas animation
2. Click on Save textfile. Now go to your Anim-FX directory and copy and paste the created SWF and TXT file to the same directory that contains your website, created in Coolpage.
3. Now go back to Anim-FX. Click on the "HTML code" button. Create the required HTML code (set scale to no border and the desired dimensions) Copy the HTML code to your clipboard. Right Click Mouse > Copy.

In Cool Page HTML Editor, do the following.

3. Open Cool Page
4. Open or create a new the HTML page into which you want to insert the Flash animation.
5. Save the HTML file to your web site directory. (In this directory are also the SwF and TXT file stored)
6. Go to Insert/HTML Object
7. Make sure the HTML Tab is active. In the respective text field area you must copy and paste the HTML code that you generated with Anim-FX's HTML generator.
8. To do this simply paste (right Click Mouse > Paste) into the CoolPage HTML Object Properties text field area.

9. Now Check the pasted html code and change the name of the SwF file to "christmas.swf" instead of christmas.swf (added the 2 additional quotes). - see above picture
10. Nearly at the bottom of the HTML code add the following line <--"christmas.txt"--> (see picture below)

11. Now click on browse and select the TXT and SwF file.
11. Now you are done with the HTML settings. The next step is to set the correct size of the SwF file.
12. To do this Click on the General Tab button.
13. Go to the width and height input fields and enter the same width and height that you used in the HTML code that you just pasted into the HTML area.

If you want to use a different size please bear in mind that you must change this also in the HTML code that you inserted in the HTML field (point 8)

12. Click On OK
13. Finally save and preview your file. It's important that you save the file first before you click on preview, or else you will see nothing.

There you have it, a nice simple way to add a little extra pizzazz to your Flash presentation!