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How to convert a Flash file to an AVI or GIF file with SWF2AVI

Sometimes Anim-FX users want to import a Flash animation created with Anim-FX into their video editing software, or they don't like to use the Flash loadmovie action to import the Anim-FX animation into Flash or Swish. A small Freeware utility called SWF2AVI converts SWF files into AVI, or convert SWF files into a sequence Gif or BMP files. Both methods will be useful to you when you struggle to get the SWF files into a vector based software or in your video editing software.

First download SWF2AVI and create a Flash animation in Anim-FX.
When you save the animation set the Set the FPS to 30

1. Install and open "SWF2AVI"
2. Since Anim-FX Files are scriptbased you must first create a container for the movie, by going to "Extras/Auto Wrap Movie"
3. Select the SWF file you created with Anim-FX
4. Set the number of frames to 300 - (Note this may differ per animation)
5. Now goto File/Open and select the file "swf2avi-conainer.swf".
6. Click on "OK" to start the process.
7. When done, a message appears informing you that all the 60 frames have been created

Now you have created a sequence of 300 BMP or GIF files. You can import these files into Flash or into your video editing software to manipulate them further. You can also covert these files to an AVI with

To create an AVI please do the following:

8. Go to "Extras/Convert picture sequence to AVI".
9. Click on "add image"s - (note that you must create a sequence of BMP files to convert them into an AVI)
10. Select the first and last image of the created sequence
11. Click on "Write AVI"
12. Select the desired compression method.
13. "Save" the AVI File

To import the created BMP files into Flash you must do the following
14. Open Flash
15. Select file import
16. Select the first graphic (frame) of the sequence of pictures and click on "Open"

When you take a look at the timeline you will see a sequence of pictures. From here you can combine and merge the animations with your own flash projects and save them as SWF. Note that when you use a small siede animation you may eed to use a mask as somehow "SWF2AVI" doesn't work well when you save the file with smaller dimensions then the default 300 x 600 dimensions.