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Website design check list

Website Design Checklist

Have the menu bar in exactly the same place on every page so people know where to click. Always include a 'home' button on every page so people can go back to the start with just one click. And always have a page header so people know exactly which page they are on at that moment.

Preferably, use one font type for the texts on your entire website. It's OK to use a different one in headers, menus or animations, but you'd better not use various ones throughout the running text. Verdana or Arial (sans-serif fonts) are good as they are easy to read on screen.

Prioritize: put the most important bits towards the top of the page, and make important information throughout your page stand out from the rest. Use bigger font sizes, bold fonts and colored fonts to emphasize the words you don't want people to miss. But don't overdo it - there can only be so much boldness and colored text on one page before it starts to look messy.

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Don't use graphics, pictures or animations that are huge - in width/height as well as in file size. Web users are impatient - they usually don't wait for graphics to load if it takes longer than a couple of seconds. So keep it small.

Make your page easy to read and browse over: don't make text blocks too long and use bullet points and subheadings to make it easier to quickly scan the page for relevant content. Again, web users are impatient, they are not going to read huge blocks of unformatted text on the screen. They want well-marked, bitesize pieces of information.

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