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Website design check list

Website Design Checklist

Use contrasting colors - a dark text on a light background or the other way around, so reading it is easy and doesn't make people's eyes hurt.

In your page layout, use enough white space around blocks of text, around graphics, and on the outer edges of the page. This makes your page visually more balanced and more attractive. Cell padding and cell spacing within a table are an easy way to quickly create this white space.

Use a color scheme of maybe 3 or 4 coordinated colors for your entire site. Using more and unmatching colors will make your website look unprofessional.

Don't make your page too wide or too long. The width should preferably stay within 760 pixels so not many people will have to scroll horizontally to read your page. Make your pages short, people also don't like having to scroll down on a page with no end in sight.

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Much more can be said about design and layout of web pages, but we'll leave it at this for now. What's most important to remember, can be summed up in five points. Your website should be:

  1. short (don't make pages or text blocks too long)

  2. top-heavy (most important stuff up at the top)

  3. scannable (easy to scan with the eye for relevant content)

  4. navigable (consistent menu buttons on all your pages)

  5. straight-forward (keep it clear, simple, and to-the-point)

Good luck & have fun designing your pages.


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