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Reviews and Testimonials

Anim-FX Flash Intro and Banner Builder was launched in early 2001, since thousands of satisfied customers have used the animations in their websites, Powerpoint presentations or any other multimedia project. Below a few testimonials we have received of our many happy clients. of course whatever other people say the best way to find out what Anim-FX can do for you is to download it.

Just wanted to take a minute to thank you. Ever since I bought your software you have never failed in sending updates or notices. It's a pleasure that your business is so customer service oriented and delivers such a great product.

Merry Christmas !
David Vanderslice

"Anim-FX is a welcome entry into the world of Flash Design. The variety of built-in effects and it's ease of use makes designing Flash screens and animated banners a snap for the novice and expert alike. At under $30, this more than affordable program is a must-have tool for every Webmaster."

Stuart Halpryn, President - Web Design and Developers Association

Just a quick note to say thank you for a superb piece of software. Great for the first time HTML writers around. I have used quite a few splash's in my site and I'm sure it will be used many times in the future Once again thanks and keep it going

Jim WIlson

"Thank you Menno, so far it's working great, I really like this program, I can't wait till it is upgraded more....I would gladly pay $50 for a full featured user friendly program. Keep up the great work."


"Thanks for the great piece of software! I just checked out Mix-fx, that was probably more what I was looking for... oh well.. look's like I'll just have to purchase that one as well.. I currently have about 10 sites so a couple of them will definitely get a little "flashier" thanks to your great program(s). I've been using a number of other flash programs, but Anim-FX seems to make a few jobs so much easier and the fact that I can easily and quickly update a simple text file is all the better! Again, thanks for the great software and you can be sure I'll be purchasing MIX-FX sometime during the next couple of days."


Hey thanks, you are the MAN!! It worked. I really appreciate you taking time to help me out. It really is comforting to deal with a company who is willing to help you out. Once again, thank you very much. I wish all companies were as customer oriented as you are.

Mark Wallen

I have purchased Anim-FX and love it! Haven't figured out how to get it to show up on my site just yet, But love it!

Mike Jennings

Dear Menno, How are you? l managed to get Anim FX all up and running and l have made a "Under Construction" for my site using the Photocopy effect. Here is my link for my up and coming website This is a site from someone who had no knowledge about web design up until a week ago :) l will keep you posted on when it will be ready

Ahmed Moujalled

I want to take time this morning to thank you for your personal attention in helping me rebuild my corrupted directory. I really do appreciate your help. I'm an old (retired) computer guy and used to have a hard and fast rule about backing up such files onto CD. In my old age, I guess I've slipped.

I'm ready to give up learning FLASH and since finding your sites and appreciating the quality of your work and the personal attention which you have proven, be sure that I'll return to you for more help and tools.

Richard Zastrow

Thanks for resending the program. I tell you, your the most honest and reliable company I've dealt with for ages.

I run a web community for "alternate" writers and artists. I would be more than happy to feature an advert for your products in our directory so others can enjoy the programs I do.

Let me know if this is of interest. You can find us at www.purpleverse.com

Have a great weekend.

I'd just like to send my thanks for the regular
updates to Anim-FX. I'm maintaining several websites, and all my banners use your program, and all my clients love how eye-catching and professional it looks.

Thanks again!
A very satisfied webmaster
Kevin Beaton


Menno, Thank you so much for helping me yesterday regarding the problem I had with the Adobe Flash Player error message I had. I can't thank you enough for that.
You have one hell of a great product. I am looking forward to seeing what you do with any updates, as I am sure the product will get even better.
Have a good one,
John Bush

Thanks for the continuous updates/upgrades. I've known a number of small developers and large corporations that don't come close to offering the service you do. When you said lifetime updates, you weren't kidding. Again, thanks.

Best Regards,
Aaron Christiansen

Just a quick note to tell you how i'm using your software a little differently than most others.

I produce live visuals for nightclubs, your software is perfect for instantly displaying messages to the audience (name of the DJ, safety messages, shouts to the crowd etc), i simply type my message and instantly it appears on screen, this is much better than the previous way i had to do it, powerpoint is too static and boring, and 3d production studio takes too long to render.

I use a scan convertor to zoom in on the preview window, the images is then overlayed using a video mixer.

keep up the good work guys.

Colin Willacy
VJ Nutcracker

I love the software! And am Having a Blast with it! I have a FREE hosted site up using the Anim-FX software.

Mike Jennings
Avid Anim-FX & Mix-FX user!

Hi, I just purchased ANIM-FX yesterday. I'm having fun playing around with it and find it very easy to use. Money well spent!

Thank You,

Menno, thanks for the awesome service! Most software authors don't even bother to notify registered customers of updates, much less personally e-mail them. This type of customer service will make you a success. Thanks for the great work!

Best Regards,
Tim Schooler

"I would like to thank you for your kindness, patience and courtesy and i vow that of the first things i shall create with my new toys, one shall be an award - and i shall call it: 'the menno can deal with blondes award' "


"DAMN!! Now that's what I call support! Cool! Can't say that I've worked with any one that work that diligent! = ) You made my millennium"


Many thanks for your assistance, Menno. I'm loving Anim-FX and having a ball designing my site !!


Just wanted to let you know that I received it. Also I really didn't get the chance to give you some feed back on the product. I am an up and coming flash developer, and I think you tool is awesome. It gives me the opportunity to work on more detailed stuff. Instead of wasting time on banners and such, I can put one out in no time and concentrate on other things. As far as creating a link to you site, that wouldn't be a problem at all. And actually I would like to participate in the affiliate program. I am not sure how to do this so any information that you would send would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Ali Hajassdolah
Dragon GraphX

To me the quality of your flash files is much better than anything I have seen so far . They have CLASS ...


The flash really mskes it stand out. Thanks.

"Elevate & Decide In The Air"

DAMN!! Now that's what I call support! Cool! Can't say That I've worked with any one that work that diligent! = ) You made my millennium


Your program kicks some serious ass. (Please put that under your testimonials.

Eric Pontbriand
Media Infocus

Some positive customer feedback for you! I was really impressed with your product(s!) and the ease of use of your site(s). I found the explainations clear, simple and the demos were great. A real deciding factor in my purchase. I use the plurals as I was really tempted to buy more but have not allowed myself until I am next paid! Your speed of response to my query was seriously impressive. Well done and I look forward to buying more from you!



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