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Flash in Iframe

This technique is very usefull when your current webpage does not allow you to save flash files to their web server, or wehn you want to add more then of the same Anim-FX animation on a webpage and working with an Iframe is a great way of working around this problem.

1) First create the Anim-FX animation and upload both text and swf file to the remote webserver. In our case I put the files at http://www.mix-fx.com/ valentinesday.txt and http://www.mix-fx.com/ valentinesday.swf

2) Open your HTML editor and create and save an HTML page that will contain the iframe. Save this page as "mainiframe.html" for Ebay users this, (will be) ,or is your current ebay page.

3) Create another HTML page, add the SWF file to it, and save this HTML page as "iframeanimfx.html" and upload it again to the remote webserver, in our case this will be "http://www.mix-fx.com/iframeanimfx.html"

4) Now copy the following HTML code in the "mainiframe.html" and paste it between the body tags:

<iframe name="iframeanimfx"
src="http://www.mix-fx.com/iframeanimfx.html" scrolling="no" frameborder="no" height="300" width="600">

4) Save the "mainiframe.html" file and preview it. You should see the content as entered in " iframetest.html" appear in the desired area in the "mainiframe.html" (see sample).


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