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Namo Webeditor Insert Flash Tutorial

Inserting a Flash animation created with Anim-FX into Namo WebEditor is a Snap

First create a Flash animation with Anim-FX, and manually save the SWF file and TXT file to the directory that also contains the HTML file, that will contain the Anim-FX SWF animation.

In Namo WebEditor, do the following"

1. Open your HTML document or create a new HTML document
2. Select the [Insert > Object > Flash...] menu command
3. In the Open dialog box, select the Flash file (*.swf) from your local drive or on the Web and click Open or Open URL
4. Now the ActiveX Control Properties dialog box will open up and the Class ID and Codebase are inserted automatically. Specify the Border, Size and spacing, and Alignment
5. If you need to specify some parameters, click Parameters... and specify relevant properties in the ActiveX Control Properties dialog box.
6. Set the scale option to NoBorder

6. Click OK
7. Now check what you have done by clicking on the Preview window

Remember that it's important that the SWF file and TXT file are located in the same directory as the HTML file!