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Yahoo site builder Flash Tutorial

How to embed a Flash file into Yahoo site builder

Adding a Anim-FX Flash animation to your webpage with Yahoo site builder is straight forward. By following the steps below, you will be up and running in a few minutes! First create your Flash movie, and copy and paste the SWF file and TXT file to the same directory where the HTML file resides that will contain the SWF file.

1. Open Yahoo site builder
2. Select the HTML page into which you want to insert the animation, or start from scratch and open a new page.
3. Save the HTML file to your website directory
. Note that your site directory should now include the SWF and TXT file and at least the HTML file that will contain the SWF file.

4. In Yahoo sitebuilder, Choose 'Insert | HTML | code elements

5. A small screen will popup in which you need to copy and paste the HTML code as generated in Anim-FX. (see picture below) ()

6 To save the file go to File/Save your html file

7. To preview the animation in your html page go to File/Preview.

8. That's all, the last step is that you must publish the files to your website.

9. in case you are using different dimensions then the default settings you must also add the scale no border tag to the Anim-FX html code that you inserted in the HTML box in step 5 of the Yahoo site builder tutorial